All About iOS 11 New Features for iPad

iOS 11 brings a slew of new “for iPad only” features to iPad. Unlike those average iOS updates previously, it turns iPad into a completely different device. So here are some outstanding and useful updates that Apple has added this time around, from the big to the small so that make iPad closer to its goal of being a laptop alternative. Let’s explore it together now!
On the whole, the iOS 11 update for iPad mainly focused on 4 features, we will illustrated in details one by one.

1.     The New macOS-Style Dock
The biggest change of iOS 11 updates to iPad is the new macOS-style dock. The first thing you will notice must be the new app dock. It looks pretty similar to the dock on Mac.
  • The iOS 11 dock can be accessed from anywhere. That means that isn’t limited to the home screen, but it’s also available within apps. Simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the dock while an app is open.
  • The maximum of apps could be stored in the dock on previous iOS was six, while on iOS 11, users can store up to 15 apps in the dock at any given time.
  • Make it easy to jump between multiple apps stored in the dock. You just need to invoke the dock, and tap the app that you would like to switch to.
  •  Another small but helpful feature is the recently opened apps section of your dock. The rightmost three apps are the last three apps you opened, which should make your general workflow smoother.

2.     New Files App
The update on Files app is another part of what makes iOS 11 on iPad so functional. It allows Apple users to browse files stored on iPad and seamlessly share working documents across iCloud, as well as integrate other online storage services with compatible applications. This files app is open to third-party apps like Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, you can browse related files by connecting to it. Strictly speaking, the iOS 11 update's new drag and drop feature is to Files. With this feature, users can move files from folder to folder, or service to service with ease. Also, it enables users toggle on or off different apps and services that have Files compatibility, such as Amazon Drive, macOS X Server, Dropbox, and more.

3.     Quick Type Keyboard
Another iPad-specific change is the ability to swipe down on virtual keyboard keys to get to alternative characters. Whether we use the Chinese Keyboard or English keyword, we always need to switch between the interface of letters and figures/ punctuations. To better the user experience, the virtual keyboard of iOS 11 for iPad combined the letter and figure/punctuation interface. It’s quite a lot faster for one-handed typing than stretching to hold shift and pressing the correct key.

4.     Apple Pencil
 The Apple Pencil turns to be ways more powerful and useful than ever since the iOS 11 date. Which can help users to instantly begin drawing and taking notes anywhere with the stylus in hand. It is also confirmed that touching the lock screen with this pencil will instantly open a clean piece of paper to take notes. And all the contents you created will be save in Notes app.

This is all about part of new features for iPad covered in iOS 11 update? Can’t wait to update at once? Then don’t hesitate and have it updated now!If you have any problems about iOS 11, you can get the solutions from Top 15 iOS 11 Update Problems and Fixes.


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